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AMTRA is an application to enhance sound quality by providing you with efficient transcoding facilities and audio delays. It uses a 64-bit audio processing engine to facilitate managing your audio files to generate the best results.

This powerful audio player allows you to have ambiophonics playback.

AMTRA is based on Recursive Ambiophonics Crosstalk Elimination (RACE) algorithm. With this application, you can expect clear acoustics in your playback. Additionally, removing comb filters from the audio file to make them more precise and clear for the listeners is also one of the features this application supports.

The benefit of this algorithm is that you can identify each instrument of the audio file with great clarity.

This application fully supports audio formats like MP3, WAV, FLACC. It shows that you can use files from all prominent input formats to generate results with this application’s help. Moreover, AMTRA can also process audio files in batches, saving a lot of your time.

Furthermore, the sample rats of 44.1 kHz and 384 kHz are supported. Listening to the adjustments of the audio file being played is also possible because of this application. As a default version, the sound is adjusted to a 20° speaker layout, ensuring the ambiophonics output.

The application provides you with three different options to get the best results. RACE attenuation, delay configures, and the output format. After adjusting these three settings from the application, you can start processing your audio files.

One of the application’s limitations is that you’ll need efficient computers to be part of your system to generate the best results.

AMTRA is an application for people who need to edit and enhance audio file quality, especially in ambiophonics sounds.

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