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The security of computer has become overly complicated because of various channels of a malware attack that you can face. In such a situation, WindowsSpyBlocker can give your computer an enhanced layer of security.

It is intended to block the domains that can lead to a consequent harmful impact on your computer. It works without the initiation of complete setup so you can use this application as soon as you download it and get ready for the extra layer of firewall protection that it will provide.

It is based on a command line interface. However, the complete descriptive menus present along with every function make its use easy and less time-consuming. Additionally, it allows you to review the blocked domains and get access to all those domains that you can trust. So, you don’t have to face any accessibility issues while using the extra layer of security that the software provides.

Log data of your internet can also be stored and analyzed later using this utility. So, if you are looking for any pattern in the malware attacks or compromised domains, this application provides the potential for analysis as well.

WindowsSpyBlocker can block al malware and domains that can potentially harm your computer by putting an extra security layer.

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