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Wale is also called the Windows Audio Loudness Equalizer, and it will help you equalize the loudness parameters so that you can tweak the sounds coming from the devices you have easily.

Loud noises can be dangerous, especially if you use your headphones often. They might harm your ears, and if you don’t have a way of tweaking them, they might cause damage. It’s also important to tweak your audio so that it suits your preferences best, and you don’t have to guess all the time if you have the correct settings.

Wale is an app that will solve most of the issues mentioned above. It’s a loudness equalizer app, letting you tweak and change certain aspects and settings of your sound.

It will enable you to keep the loudness levels of all your sounds in a safe area, which can be useful for protecting your hearing and making sure the sounds are right.

Keep Volume Within Acceptable Levels

When you open up this app, you’ll see that it has an equalizer built-in, helping you make sure you can tweak the sounds quickly and safely. It doesn’t matter where you use the sound – whether it’s for games, listening to music, watching films, and more.

If the sound is too high, you might be risking the health of your hearing. Windows Audio Loudness Equalizer works automatically as it will try to calculate the best possible sound levels for your hearing and the app that plays the audio file.

It will be done for each app that you use separately, which can help you get the idea of how your sound should be with each action you perform on your computer.

You can tweak the sounds in a matter of seconds.

Plethora Of Configuration Options

You’ll also have many other configuration options at your disposal, although not all of them will be great for beginners.

If you want the basic loudness equalizer, then the basic automatic option will work just well for you.


Wale is a great app to use when you want to make sure the sounds you listen to are not loud.

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