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The risk of account hack or theft is always there. The absence of an authentic antivirus in your computer or frequent access to your account from different computers and devices enhances the risk by manifolds. To protect you from such problems, WinAuth has been designed.

It allows you to get a specific code and use it for logging into your account, whatever device it may be. The code must be put into your account to authenticate you and ensure that you are the only one granted access.

Although some applications have this type of verification, like an inbuilt function, the difference is that the code remains the same every time, and you must enter it with the username and password.

You can associate various programs with this application quite easily. Associating different accounts allows you to enable the code verification process at the login page and enhances the level of security you can get.

The application’s easy-to-use, friendly and stylish interface are additional features that would allow you to keep using it. The accounts from the daily use applications and gaming are compatible with WinAuth. Google and Steam are just prominent examples.

The application also allows you to save your login information for different accounts using KeyUriFormat. So you can be sure that all your data is safe and cannot be accessed by anyone without your permission.

WinAuth is a smart application that can ensure the safety of all your accounts by making them associated with a specific code that can hinder hackers from stealing your account and related data.

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