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Date added: March 18th, 2020 - (Free)
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Sometimes when you are at your PC or laptop, you want to open some programs fast. The lousy part kicks in when you have to search for these applications first. That is when you usually get frustrated because you can`t find them faster and you have to spend the time to find the right tool.

Here comes Ueli that is a useful tool which was made precisely for your needs. This small utility has an easy to understand interface and it can be used to launch different programs only by a few clicks.

The tool stays silently in your tray bar and can be launched whenever you need it. After you have started Ueli by clicking Alt and Spacebar, you can search for the program you want.

A black bar appears on your screen in which it is possible to type what you want. As you type, it searches for the file you need and it displays what it has found in an alphabetically manner so you can easily find the tool you were looking for.

Ueli also has some additional features which you may also find useful if you start using them out. If you don`t know how to use it, or you have troubles with this tool, you can access the Help button and learn a few more things about it.

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