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Ueli is a small and silent application that you can run in the background to help you run some of the most popular applications on your computer by just using a combination of keys that you have designed yourself.

When you’re looking to launch an app on your computer, it can sometimes be a lengthy process. You might spend minutes looking for the app on your disk, especially if you don’t have the shortcut on your desktop. It can be confusing and also frustrating, as it may take away precious time from you that you’d otherwise need badly.

Ueli is a simple and small application that will help you find your apps instantly and run them without problems.

You need to press Alt+Spacebar, and you can start searching for your apps on your computer and then run them without any issues.

Runs Silently in the Background

Ueli will not waste too many of your computer’s resources because it will run in the background. Once you need it, you only need to press Alt + Spacebar and search the apps on your computer.

You can then type the name of your app into the search bar and get searching so that you can instantly run the app.

Time-Saving App

It’s worth mentioning that this app was designed to help you make yourself more efficient as you use your computer. No more searching through your drives for your app that you want to run. Now you can press Alt and Spacebar and search to find the preferred app that you want to run as you type in its name.

It works on the Electron framework, designed to utilize the application in its most efficient form. It means it’s lightweight and simple, and it won’t waste your computer’s resources in the background.


To conclude, Ueli is a great app to own if you want to find your programs easily without spending a lot of time searching through your hard drive.

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