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Remote working is changing the way we work. Some time ago, we used to have tables and boards for project organization – but with the introduction of digital tools, the whole project management thing is moving online and onto digital platforms. Now it is possible to manage and track projects with the help of services and online tools.

One of them is TopTracker. It is an application that allows you to track your projects and manage them easily.

It is very feature-packed and suitable for many types of workers, and it will especially appeal to freelancers and teams looking to make it easier for themselves to manage their projects.

Desktop Client

As a service, this is an amazing package, but if we focus on this client and its performance a bit, we can easily say that it’s a great app to use because it’s simple to use and it still incorporates all the features that you’ll need to manage projects.

Inside the interface, you can create new projects to track with ease. You can manage and track projects in one window, while in the other, you can create them from scratch.

You can choose the tracking interval for each project, and idle timeout period, control the project frequency and fine-tune the projects to suit your preferences.

Remote Working Made Easy

This application and service will probably suit freelancers and freelance teams looking for a unified way of working together.

It is easy to manage the projects and share these changes with others in your group.


TopTracker is a great project tracker and manager that will allow you to make changes to your projects and manage them easily.

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