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TopTracker has been specially designed for monitoring the remote users’ performance while working on various projects on the computer. You can track your working hours or the time spends on completing a particular task quite easily. It can also record the time spent on different applications as well.

It is available as a desktop application for all the operating systems, helping you to manage your tasks on whichever system you are. Additionally, you don’t need to support it with other applications or forums. It can work independently in the light of the instruction provided by you.

It is a well-designed application that allows you to add your team members and different projects in an organized manner. Similarly, time tracking for all these projects and members can be initiated without any further issues.

You can also customize the settings of the application related to the frequency of taking screenshots of your activity. All these aspects can be helpful in tracking your activities and efficiency. If you are going to send these screenshots other members of the team or your employer, you can blur certain things as well using the same application, thus helping you in saving your time.

If you are accessing TopTracker from a different PC, you can also use the web application, which provides similar features but have a slightly different interface. Your overall productivity can be recorded and stored in the form of PDFs too from both the web application and the desktop one.

TopTracker is a multi-featured application for tracking your time on different applications of the computer or various projects.

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