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May 17th, 2021 - Free - 100% Safe
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With TCP Optimizer, you can tweak your broadband settings and try and optimize your browsing speed, as it will offer you several different tweaking tools to help you with that task.

If you’re struggling to get the maximum potential out of your internet connection, then one of your solutions to the problem might be to use an application like the TCP Optimizer.

This application is suitable to help you optimize your internet connection by letting you tweak broadband settings and, thus, try to improve the internet browsing speeds.

Optimize Your Internet Connection

It will allow you to tweak some settings about your broadband connections and make them better. It will provide you with faster browsing speeds and a more optimized internet connection that will help you get more enjoyment out of your internet browsing. It’s safe but still very comprehensive with the settings it offers.

At the same time, it will respect the TCP/IP implementations that Microsoft has in place for Windows. It will take into account the additional checks for the registry keys, and it will help you add parameters for the registry keys, which is another way you can use to improve your network’s quality.

A Tool For Advanced Users

One thing needs to be said: this application is not the best if you’re a complete beginner. When you open it, you’ll find a relatively crowded interface with quite many elements going inside the interface. But if you’re an advanced user, then you’ll find this abundance of settings and additional features welcome.

There’s a Connection Speed slider inside the interface that will allow you to choose the quality of your connection.

There are also some premade settings that you can use for your network, such as the Windows Default, Current, Optimal, and Custom settings. These can help you optimize your system more effectively.


To conclude, TCP Optimizer is a great solution for improving your internet speeds. It is meant for more advanced users, but you’ll find many great settings inside that will help you with your optimization.

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