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SetFSB is something for the above average computer user. It offers to better the performing parameters of the installed systems. The very nature of the programs is such that unless handled just the right way, the application can prove damaging to the system being handled. It must be said of the software tool that it does use some of the most advanced networking protocols and hence squeezing the most out of the installed hardware most of the time.

More than the better system enhancements, the SetFSB file aims at optimizing the hardware systems most of the time. The operational speeds are made better, and this has to do with the manner the SetFSB handles the connection between the CPU and the main memory.

Most of the simple users of computers and computing systems would be well aware that the clock speed decides on the actual working speed of the system. With the use of the SetFSB software, it is possible to operate the system clock in the over-clock condition, because the CPUs are made to work over and above their fixed frequency speed.

It must be pointed out that the software tool does present one of the most cost-effective means of having a higher system performance. More importantly, the effect is created with just a simple software patch than any robust hard wired solutions.

As pointed out in writing above, the method of increasing the CPU clock speeds must be approached with maximum caution. It is to be used sparingly and in situations where it is necessary. Even here, the system parameters must be kept under constant monitoring to detect any early signs of potential trouble.

A vital feature of the over-clocking action is that the system and more importantly the processor heats up excessively. If at any time, the heat buildup is way too much to be handled safely, then abortive action has to be taken at once.

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