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With SetFSB, you’ll be able to put your CPU through a series of benchmarks to establish whether it’s working as it should be and get thorough details about the CPU quickly.

When you want to push your hardware to its limits, you must be careful not to exceed them. Because if that happens, you might end up hurting your hardware and even breaking it, so it’s better to stay cautious and take it slowly.

But to do that, you’ll need to measure the performance of your components when overclocking.

That’s where SetFSB comes in. It’s a benchmarking tool that will help you test your CPU against tests and benchmarks for quick results.

When you use them correctly, you’ll get nice feedback about what your CPU is doing and how it is coping with the stress you’re putting on it, which allows you to overclock correctly.

For Experienced Users

First, it’s worth mentioning that while SetFSB does have some nice and intuitive features, it’s primarily targeted towards experienced users.

With it, you’ll be able to achieve what old jumpers could do: set the FSB speed in bios. And it does that by increasing the speed easily, called overclocking.

But you’ll need the relevant computer knowledge to do it, especially when it comes to overclocking or risking your computer’s and its components’ health.

Get Thorough CPU Details

You can get the right details about your CPU in just a few clicks, provided that you set up the whole system correctly and configure it.

If you overclock correctly, you should complete the whole process without big problems.


SetFSB is a benchmarking tool for your CPU that will help you establish whether your overclocking process is going as well as it should.

It has advanced features that you’ll need to master before you use the app first.

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