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Screenleap is a utility that lets you share your entire desktop or only portions of your screen with anybody based on controlled access. If you travel a lot and need to share your screen with your colleagues, this tool can easily do the job and help you.

You can share your screen with your customers and even with your family. It is designed to make screen sharing as smooth as possible.

You can easily set up and configure Screenleap. The installation process is fast, and the application provides you with the option to sign in to your account, and from this moment on, you can easily share your screen.

The program helps you share your desktop immediately and doesn`t require any extra configuration. It has a minimalistic interface informing you if your screen is being shared.

You can pause and stop the screen sharing anytime you want with only one click. It is a simple way to share your desktop and offers you an active window or a selection of the desktop.

It provides a rectangular marking that you can resize according to the desktop portion you want to share with others. The app opens a window in your default browser as soon as you share your screen.

Once the user enters your code, he can immediately see your desktop, screen region, or window. It can easily save you a lot of time by enabling you to share the exact area of your screen.

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