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Do you remember the widgets from Windows 7? 8GadgetPack is your solution to bring it back, simple with only a few clicks to Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. This software contains a collection with 49 widgets and will create a sidebar on your desktop; you can customize and edit whenever you need.

How can it help you? Let’s think about you need to write some notes about your daily projects. Just click on Notes Widget and write relevant information there. Are you looking to go out tonight and you need to know how the weather will be? Stop searching on the internet. Just use the Weather widget and check how it will be later.

The app launcher is another important “shortcut” that can be used to make a more efficient work, just put the mouse on the sidebar, see your essential apps, run it, and do your job. Organize your days with notes, to-do lists, and appointments in your schedule.

Yes, it can be used from the sidebar thanks to 8GadgetPack. If you need to check the performance of your computer, choose the monitoring widgets from the sidebar. Look at the CPU performance, RAM performance, GPU, or what you need to keep under control.

The currency is changing every day, but you can have a real-time widget that will inform you every second about currency in the world. Set your currency mode, and you will know when it’s changing. Do you need to launch with only one click your Gmail inbox? No problem, you can do it from your sidebar. Also, radio stations or YouTube can be accessed directly from your desktop with one click.

Probably you already know how it looks, a simple sidebar with few widgets on the screen. We can’t talk about the layout; it’s pretty intuitive and straightforward. Every one can customize it in few seconds.

If you never used the widgets from windows before, you should try it now. The gadgets included are handy and can make your day more efficient. The people who tried and still working with this software improved their productivity and recommended it to others.

With the sidebar gadget, you can make the gadgets visible very simple when you need to see them. As I said above, you can note information, you can keep the computer’s performance under control, and of course, you can entertain yourself with radio stations or YouTube videos.

8Gadgetpack works very well with original Microsoft files! Yes, this software is working very well with original Microsoft files, and it will set the necessary registry entries to make your job better. If you need to remove it, click on the uninstaller and make it disappear.

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