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REScheck is a powerful application. It allows engineers and tech specialists to calculate the energy consumption in a building. It enables you to verify compliance with codes.

Energy requirements can be complex, so having a solution like this removes a lot of the task’s difficulty.

Automate Details

There can be a lot of confusing details when dealing with compliance. Instead of opening up book after book of codes and regulations, let the app help you stay accurate.

You can even find window and insulation requirements instantly.

Technically Advanced

Keep in mind that we found the application to be fairly technical. It should be reserved for experts in this field. However, it is an excellent resource if you have knowledge of it.

The documentation is very detailed and will take you step by step as long as you follow it.

Wide Range of Building Types

You can see the energy needs of various buildings. You can generate an energy report and follow the details regarding the mechanical equipment needed. Then you can export the data.

Elemental Details

When looking at the envelope, you can add details about the basement, door, window, skylight, ceiling, and more.

To reach one, you can configure the exact specs you need to stay within the regulations you’re dealing with.

Insulation Metrics

Calculating insulation can be a pain. We found that it was fairly easy using this software, though. It is accurate and doesn’t take any longer than the manual way, which is convenient for an engineer dealing with different codes all day.

In Summary

REScheck is a nice way to make your job easier as an engineer. To follow codes is simply part of the job. But if you use something like this, it won’t need to be difficult to meet compliance.

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