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Free42 is a lightweight and free-to-use calculator that is styled after HP-42S calculators. It will help you perform even more advanced calculations, use multiple functions, and customize it with skins.

Today, almost every computer or device already has an in-built calculator function, which can be handy for simple and quick calculations. However, you would need to use the functions and other features required for more advanced mathematics to make them more refined and accurate.

You’ll be able to do that by using third-party tools like Free42. It is a free-to-use calculator based on HP-42S, an industry-standard calculator for a long time.

It allows you to make advanced calculations on your computer and use various functions with an advanced calculator like this.

Binary and Decimal Calculator Included

When you open this one up, it looks very similar to the HP-42S calculators and their design. Even the skin included closely resembles the design of those early calculators that were so popular. Those were handheld calculators, and most of the basic and main functions are also here.

This application makes it possible to take this calculator everywhere you might be and have it on your device.

It is helpful for more advanced calculations. There are two main modes of operation, which are binary and decimal.

Complex Functions Used

With this tool, you can export and import expressions and functions, making it easy to use them again the next time you use the app. You can also copy-paste information and data into the calculator.

Of course, it’s also worth mentioning that you’ll have many advanced functions with this tool.

There is basic and advanced calculus, including sin, cos, tan, matrix, conversions, and many other advanced concepts.


Free42 is a free-to-use calculator that is based on HP-42S calculators. It offers many advanced functions that you won’t find on basic calculators.

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