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Date added: November 19th, 2018 - (Free)
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It has been designed to remove the excessive notifications that Windows creates for you. Most of the times these notifications are providing insights about the completion of the background operations or the false virus threats.

These virus threats are created in case of false positive scenarios. In these scenarios, Windows miscategorize an incoming file as a virus, which enables multiple notifications resulting in higher levels of noise. To disable all such notifications, RemoveWGA can be used.

You can use RemoveWGA very easily. After downloading and installation, rebooting your computer will be required to implement the new changes. You can restart your computer whenever it is feasible for you. This application will not force your computer to reboot instantly enabling you to perform all your tasks according to your will.

RemoveWGA’s purpose is to limit the unnecessary buzzing while you are working to enhance your level of concentration and focus towards work.

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