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PIsP (formerly PuTTYGen) allows you to generate any public and private keys you would like to connect via SSH using PuTTY.

It is one of the most popular key generator tools available, and it is also known as PuTTy Key Generator by the people who use it regularly. It is used to create SSH keys, similar to the SSH-Keygen tool available in some SSH implementations.

This tool is small and also an efficient program that generates RSA and DSA keys for access. PIsP has a lot of additions that are useful for different users, and some of the components found in this tool can be installed using the Telnet client.

It can also easily incorporate some other third-party software like WinSCP. To generate the necessary key, the user must only click on Generate and move the mouse until the loading bar is full.

This tool has a lot of useful features which a lot of users may find handy. This tool’s main feature is creating public and private key pairs. It will store keys in its specific format. For example, if you are interested, the .ppk files can be used to convert keys to and from other formats this one offers.

It will be an excellent addition for everyone who wants to generate a useful amount of private and public keys and can be used every time.

PIsP has a friendly interface, and generating the desired amount of public and private keys will be easy. It will also allow you to save the public and private keys you create so you can use them later.

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PIsP v3.0.1.exe
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1.64 MB
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Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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