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With ParkControl, you’ll control CPU parking and disable or enable it as you want, which will help you get the performance out of your CPU that you want to get.

CPU Parking was a feature that was introduced back in 2008 when the Windows update enabled the newer CPUs to use this capability. It’s designed to shut down or slow down several CPU cores to conserve energy when the CPU doesn’t need it.

In turn, this is also used to preserve battery life for laptops and CPUs.

But some users will want to disable it or turn it down. You can easily do that with the application called ParkControl. With it, you’ll be able to turn CPU parking on and off, and you can do that at intervals you want.

This tool is mainly suited for the more advanced users who wish to alter their CPU performance.

Portable and Fast

The great thing about ParkControl is that it’s portable, so you won’t have to install it. You can drop the executable file into any location you want and start it whenever you wish.

You can also use it on the USB flash device, allowing you to use this app anywhere and anytime.

In addition, it’s designed to work quickly.

Monitor CPU and Parking

Once you run the application on your selected device, you’ll be able to monitor your CPU’s performance, which will help you establish whether you need to turn off CPU parking. It will be seen on the screen’s right side, where the CPU status will be displayed.

You can manage the CPU parking in the Power Options menu, where you can turn it on or off.

It will happen with just one click of a button, although you will need to ensure that you know what you’re doing before doing that.


ParkControl is a handy tool that can be used by those who want to disable CPU parking.

ParkControl features and benefits:
  • CPU control to tweak, unhide, and control CPU core parking and frequency scaling
  • Create a power plan to auto-optimize the hardware for high performance
  • Info about active power scheme changes

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