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February 2nd, 2019 - Free - 100% Safe
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It is a macro recorder, which works with the help of a mouse; you can record macros and execute them with a simple mouse click and simple keyboard shortcuts. Mini Mouse Macro can work without installation. You just need to drop the executable file in the custom directory, and it is ready to be used. Beginners can easily use mini it. You don’t need to be an expert for getting this application to work.

With this Mini Mouse Macro, you can even store the recorded macros on the external storage device. It is easily accessible from the system tray, so you can record a macro for any application without having to spend additional time for loading application and making it run properly.

The best thing is that the details of the macros are stored as well. The exact time, strokes and coordinates are amongst the data that is saved and shown to the users. Enabling loop mode, showing playback in the form of animation and adding a customary entry by providing all the required details in the macro are all possible through Mini Mouse Macro.

The stored macros can be retrieved from the computer as well. You can even adjust their speed and alter the existing script without much difficulty.

Overall, Mini Mouse Macro is a lightweight utility for recording and viewing macros. You can store them to external locations and can also edit the speed and script of the existing macros through this application.

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