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JavaRa is an useful application that helps users update and remove the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) if necessary. Also, it can help repair Java when bugs occur. Perhaps the most significant feature of this software is the JRE Removal tool that deletes all files, directories and registry keys associated with JRE. Unlike the built-in Windows installer that only removes some files, leaving behind registry keys, this application actually cleans the disk of all these associated files, leaving it ready for another instal.

Most computers have Java installed, due to the fact that it allows you to run applets which are written in the Java programming language such as games, applications or 3D images and animations. This tool allows functions to be operated with a custom script across a network. Even though this functionality is new and requires further development, it is usable and comes in handy for all programmers and experienced users. With an intuitive interface, this application is suitable for all users, regardless of their experience.

The icons are very logic and provide great support throughout the use. On the developers site, documentations about this application are available to be consulted for advanced usage and a better understanding of the features it provides.

JavaRa features and benefits:
  • Update JRE to tha latest version
  • Cleans logs and temporary files created by JRE
  • Perform a clean uninstall of JRE

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