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Immunet represents the next level of antivirus protection, as it helps you stay safe with cloud antivirus protection and give you rootkit removal capabilities.

Antiviruses have become so important today that almost every computer user will need them. And because of that, the competition has become strong and quite fierce in the last few years. More and more antiviruses have a cloud-based operation, which allows you to conserve space and stay safe.

Immunet represents an interesting option when it comes to anti-malware protection. It’s a cloud-based antivirus that will keep you safe. It will rely heavily on the community, which will gather threats on the internet to help you stay safe when you’re online and browsing.

It’s easy to use and very effective in keeping you safe.

Scan and Secure Your Computer

Like almost any other antivirus program, this one will have all the key capabilities to stay safe. One of the main ones is that it will help you scan your computer for potential malware and help you delete it. However, one of the best things about this tool is its interface – it’s sleek and relatively modern, making the tool easy to use.

There are three scanning options: a flash scan and a quick scan that will scan all the malware in just a few minutes. Then there’s the full scan, which can take a lot longer, and it will provide you with a full scan of your computer and is very in-depth. You can also customize the scan and use the Custom scan option too.

When or if the app detects some malware or potentially harmful programs, it will automatically move it to quarantine or remove it if you instruct it to do so. You can also scan archive and packed files and exclude some files from your computer.


Immunet is a cloud-based antivirus that will keep you safe and protect your computer from malware by constantly scanning it.

Technical details

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7.5.12 Build 21693
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2.93 MB
Supported OS
Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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