July 13th, 2020 - Demo - 100% Safe
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VoodooShield provides you a shield against the malware and attacks of all kind. You don’t need to scan all your programs and applications through it. This application allows you to create a whitelist, which is excluded from the scanning process.

The application can have two types of protection modes. The first mode is the always-on mode. In this mode, the application works continuously. The second mode is the smart mode. Through the activation of this mode, the application works smartly and is running when threats may appear.

If you are expecting VoodooShield to delete or remove the virus from the infected files, then this won’t be happening. It is only designed to restrict the use of the infected files or application so that your computer won’t be affected in any way. Additionally, the items included in the whitelist of the application can be allowed to work with the restriction on the other programs. You might want to select this feature if you have included the trusted programs in the list and are always prone to external threats.

The use of this antivirus is more straightforward than the other such application present. A shield icon on the desktop shows the status of the application every time. You can easily drag the file to be scanned to this shield, and it can analyze the contents for virus or other malware. In case of detection of a virus, you can expect the information to be uploaded on the cloud directly for future protection.

VoodooShield provides the essential features of protection against threat free of cost, but if you are interested in going for the advanced features, you will have to register for a premium version.

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