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VoodooShield is a powerful and reliable shield that will protect your computer against potential threats, viruses, malware, and other harmful files that you don’t want to have on your computer.

If you constantly download files from the internet, then you must know the risks associated with that.

Many files are looking to harm you and your computer, and you should always make sure that you’re only downloading from safe sources. Nobody is completely safe, though, even if you pay close attention to what you download.

To help you make sure that you remove harmful files from your computer, you can use VoodooShield. It is a shield for your computer that will scan the files you download and help you make sure that you delete the ones that might harm you.

These files include viruses, malware, and other potentially dangerous files that you’ll want to avoid.

Blocks Files from Being Opened

Instead of allowing you to remove the applications and files that might harm you, this application takes a slightly different approach: it will block your access to the potentially harmful file by not allowing you to open it.

In turn, this will allow you to stay safe and avoid the potential negative effects of opening such a file.

Protects from Malware, Ransomware

Ransomware and malware are two very harmful types of files that are still only growing. Now, the tool will block access to harmful software, but you’ll be able to create a whitelist for the files you want to have access to.

This way, you’ll make sure that some files that you need to open will still work.

The application will run in the background for the majority of the time, and you’ll be able to access its interface by clicking on the shield icon, where you can change and tweak some settings of the application when you need to.


VoodooShield protects you from running malware or ransomware on your computer while also making sure you can create a whitelist for the applications you’ll need in the future.

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