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Homedale is a lightweight application for scanning the Wi-Fi access points in the router and monitoring the signal strength. You have to run the application, and it works without installation. You can down the ZIP file, which contains an executable file.

The Homedale main window has six tabs:

  • The first tab gives you the adapter overview.
  • The second tab gives you a list of all the access points connected to the device.
  • The third tab shows the signal graph of the access points.
  • The fourth tab shows the frequency of usage.
  • The fifth tab is for location.
  • The sixth tab contains the option to change some of the settings on the five tabs.

It gives you the freedom to scan multiple access points. Apart from the signal strength, you can also know the signal strength history. It helps you track down all the low and high scores in every access point.

The Homedale access point signal graph gives you a clear visual display of the signal strength variation. You can differentiate the access points based on the graph color and the line type.

The encryption column on the access points tab shows the kind of security enabled for the access point. For example, the Homedale can scan the WEP, WPA, and the WPA2 type of protection.

The application allows you to disconnect/connect to an access point by right-clicking on it. The system shows the currently active access point with a bright color.

Homedale works on all the current Windows versions, and there is no need to add any other software or hardware to your existing device to make the application work.

Homedale is a great tool for taking corrective actions to fix the weak signals from the Wi-Fi or the WLAN access points.

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