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HFSExplorer can read and extract files from Mac-formatted hard disks and also disk images. Thanks to this application, it will be possible for all of the users to quickly access the Mac OS hard drives from their Windows computers. Specialized software will be able to break through the Mac OS system and make files accessible.

The interface focuses on functionality, and it is known that this app won`t excel because of its looks. It will only show a few graphics you will be able to read.

HFSExplorer will offer the user the possibility to manually select the proper HFS device or even ask the tool to autodetect all compatible drives. Performing file operations and also opening Mac images on Windows will be possible with this tool and this means that any user will find it pretty useful.

The Tools menu is a significant part of this software because it will offer the user a series of options such as the file system information. The user will also be able to find out some information regarding the system, caching and even disk image creation and memory statistics.

The best thing about HFSExplorer is that it won`t require any skills to have to use this tool out. Every user can efficiently use this one out, and it will come in handy. The user will find out a few things regarding the memory statistics and the disk image creation wizard.

To dive into HFSExplorer, you won`t need any special skills and browsing your HFS formatted drivers will be precise as using a regular Windows hard disk. This tool will do its job well, and you will manage to recover Mac files on Windows thanks to it.

You can connect an HFS drive from a Mac computer to load Mac images and to quickly copy data to your Windows workstation.

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