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Date added: April 7th, 2019 - (Free)
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If you are bothered by the “Get Windows 10” notification, then the GWX Control Panel can be a solution for you. This tool hides or permanently removes the notification from your computer, and this means that you can use your Windows computer without this notification.

This utility tool is quite handy. As you can see, having the icon displayed in the system tray all of the times can be bothering for some users. GWX Control Panel turns out to be useful because it stops GWX from running on your computer temporarily or permanently.

The interface is intuitive and can be easy to use it out because the functions show pretty fast. You can launch this app and wait until it displays the actions are necessary to take care of this situation.

GWX Control Panel can disable the “Get Windows 10” notification directly. It means that you can restart your PC every time you want and this notification won`t bother you anymore.

Using this software you can also disable Windows 10 upgrades. If you wish to update your Windows, then you can rerun this tool and deselect that option so you can install a newer version of Windows.

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