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One of the most important things when working on a big writing assignment or task is saving text snippets for later use.

You might need similar or the same phrases after a while, and that’s a reason to use automation tools.

Copy++ lets you store and save these text snippets that you will use later on.

Simplistic User Interface

The first thing we notice is the minimal and straightforward interface of the tool. That’s important since this is more of a smaller utility app than a full-blown one.

It’s free of clutter and unnecessary text or graphics elements, which lets you focus entirely on your work. The menu is minimal, and there are no flashy buttons to distract you.

Copy and Paste Text Snippets Quickly

As mentioned, this application helps you store all of your most commonly used text snippets in the app’s clipboard.

You can save up to 10 of these snippets and even assign them numbers. You need to find the snippets you use the most and copy them to your clipboard.

Then when you want to use the snippet in text, you can press on CTRL+Shift+Number combination to deploy the snippet – it’s that simple.

You can decide to run the app at startup, which is handy if you intend to use the app often for editing and writing.

It supports a dual monitor setup, so you can move it into a separate window and still have enough space for work.


Copy++ is a fantastic tool for everyone who writes on their computer daily and needs to use text snippets for their work.

The app allows users to save and then paste text snippets they’ve saved to the clipboard easily into their work. Download this lightweight app now if you want to try it now.

Save and store text snippets in one place to use later when needed. Copy++ lets you store up to 10 text snippets at once.

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