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Binfer can let you transfer the large-sized files without using third-party servers for this purpose. It ensures that sending large files to others is just a few clicks away. You can compress files, split them, and add a password to the files to ensure better protection of the content available in the files.

The large-sized file transfer support makes it easy to share HD videos, Blue-ray and DVD movies, and executable files.

Additionally, it comes with two additional tools, i.e., Web Drop and Web Pick. The data transferred through this application is secured. You don’t have to worry about data security, as the application does not transfer it to a third party server or any other location before transferring it to your recipient. So there are lesser chances that your data would be misused or hacked.

In case the receiver of data is offline when you are sending the data, then the transfer process would pause automatically. It will resume automatically when both the sender and receiver would be online.

Moreover, 128-bit encryption is also enabled in this application to protect your data from unwanted parties.

One of the limitations of this application is that you need to remove the files as attachments one by one. Selecting all of the files for removal is not possible. It can make the entire process time taking.

Binfer can quickly transfer the large data files directly to the users without any security risk involved in the transfer process.

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