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Date added: October 29th, 2018 - (Free)
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RatioMaster.NET is a small utility which lets you improve the ratio when downloading files via torrent clients. You can take this tool with you everywhere you want by putting it on a USB. It won`t affect any registries in any way which means that it is possible to use this tool right away.

It has an organized interface, and it may seem a bit cluttered at times, but as you use it, you see that it is simple to understand it. This app can be used with a proxy server, and if you ever find yourself questioning your customized configuration, then this tool has a “Set default values” button for you to use out.

You can run multiple instances and also limit speeds and view logs. RatioMaster.NET is a reliable piece of software which doesn`t burden the system performance, and you won`t have to face any errors, bugs and even crashes.

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