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One of the web browsers that can improve the search experience of the users is Beaker Browser. You can create and host websites directly through the browser. It is a decentralized peer-to-peer browser, which ensures the hosting facility for the websites.

Moreover, the application tools are adequate to manage the websites too. HTML. JSS and CSS based websites can all be created using this application. Additionally, the simple browsing experience that you could enjoy with other browsers is also possible.

Web APIs for various purposes are also provided to the users to access the reading and writing websites is not an issue. You do not have to get along with all the tools because the browser tends to hide the additional tools. It can enable you to browse without any distraction. However, if you need any tool, you can access it directly from Beaker’s hamburger menu.

You can draft the website through the “new” button. Similarly, partially created websites can be saved in the library section. The best result of Beaker can be seen when sharing files. You can share the required files with others by URL address, and the users will be able to download those files directly from your computer.

Beaker Browser is highly customizable and can provide you with a powerful but different browsing experience. It is a web browser that provides you unique features, including peer-to-peer sharing, decentralized environment, easy sharing, and website hosting.


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