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February 16th, 2023 - Shareware - 100% Safe
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Influence the mouse behavior by using Auto Mouse Clicker, a simple tool that will create scripts for you to influence how your mouse behaves.

If you do many monotonous tasks using the mouse, you might want to automate some of them.

With this application, you can automate some mouse movements, making it easy to automate some processes.

It will create scripts for you to make it possible to do so.

Creates Scripts for You

Auto Mouse Clicker comes with a simple purpose: to make it easier to automate processes involving your mouse. It is a great app if you have to do many tasks involving monotonous mouse-clicking.

It will allow you to automate those tasks by providing you with scripts that help you with that.

When you want to create a new script, you can follow some pre-made templates that make it easier.

When you click on “New Script”, you will gain access to those templates. You can get started quickly if you already know what you’re doing, but you can also learn the process very easily.

Automate Monotonous Tasks

With Auto Mouse Clicker, you will gain the option of automating some processes that involve mouse-clicking.

This tool will also provide options for automating other mouse actions, such as scrolling, dragging the mouse, and much more. It will make it easy for you to save a lot of time.

And even if you use the mouse with other hotkeys, it will still be able to help it. For example, you can also automate keyboard clicks such as Shift or CTRL, which can be extremely helpful.

When you automate an action, the script will come into play to help you with it.


Auto Mouse Clicker saves you a lot of time by automating mouse actions such as mouse clicks, drags, and mouse scrolling.

It’s an effective tool that can simplify the entire process of clicking and managing different operations through the mouse.

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