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WinContig is a free defragmentation tool that allows you to defragment the files on your computer without defragmenting the entire disk.

Defragmenting your files is usually complicated. It often requires you to take action and defragment the entire hard drive, which can be a daunting and very long task because you’ll need to create backups of your files and wait for the defragmentation to over. Just for a few files, that’s not worth it.

Instead, you can use WinContig, the free defragmentation tool that will allow you to defragment individual files without the need to defragment your whole hard drive. It will also defragment folders and directories in a quick and painless process.

It supports various drive types, including FAT32, and NTFS, to work with hard drives and SSDs.

Defragment a Single File or Directory Easily

When you need to defragment just one file or directory, you might be forced to defragment your entire drive. It is not great, especially if you’re only looking to defragment just one file or perhaps one folder of files.

WinContig solves that problem for you. It will defragment single files and folders quickly and easily without you having to defragment the entire drive.

Defragmenting your files might help you make these files quicker, improve their loading speed, or reduce your files’ loading times, which is especially handy if you want to defragment games.

Filtering Tools

In addition to allowing you to defragment single files, you’ll also have a useful filtering tool to help you find the files you want to defragment. You can easily find the files you wish to defragment using various filters.

With these criteria, you can find the files to defragment and find the most commonly used files, making the whole process more intuitive.

The great news is that this tool is very lightweight. It comes as a standalone executable file, so you won’t need to go through an installation process. You can run the executable file and get started quickly. You only need to extract the contents of your ZIP folder to get started.

It’s also free to use, which makes it a popular tool. Whether you’re a gamer or programmer or need to defragment files or folders, this is a must-have.

And because it’s free and so easy to use, it’s become the go-to defragmenting tool for almost everyone who needs to defragment single files and folders.


WinContig is a simple and intuitive defragmentation tool that helps you defragment single files and folders without having to defragment the entire drive. It makes the process easy and painless, and it’s also done quickly.

The tool is free to use and lightweight, as you’ll only need to run the executable file to get started.

Overall, it’s a highly recommended tool for anyone who needs to defragment single files.

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