CUDA-Z 0.10.251

Date added: November, 15th 2015 - (Open Source)
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Open Source
CUDA-Z represents an Open Source system info tool developed out of a simple joke, as the creators themselves acknowledge on their site that it was born as a parody to other similar software. The second funny fact nonetheless is that it provides a rather different functionality.

Whereas normal system info tools aim at basic system resources, this one will display information on GPUs, starting with drivers and ending with the .dll versions in case for some reason you would like to know that. Core capabilities and float point calculation of performance are integrated too into this software that may also show memory size and bandwidth.
CUDA-Z features and benefits:
Installed CUDA driver and dll version
GPU core capabilities
• Integer and float point calculation performance
• Performance of double-precision operations if GPU is capable
Memory size and bandwidth


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