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TrueNAS is a highly practical and easy-to-use NAS server that will enable you to share your files anywhere you might be, stream your content and media, and keep your data simultaneously.

If you’ve ever heard of or used NAS connections, you’ll be interested in this application. It is designed to provide a safe and reliable NAS server that will enable you to share your files, stream your content and media, back up and store your data, and share it with other users.

TrueNAS versus FreeNAS

If you’ve ever used FreeNAS, then you’re probably wondering if TrueNAS is worth using and if it brings something different to the table than its predecessor.

It’s worth saying that both offer similar tools, in essence, where TrueNAS builds on FreeNAS and what it has to offer in terms of security and reliability.

When you can’t afford downtime and want to keep the tool working close to perfection, it will not disappoint. It was built with that purpose in mind – to experience as little downtime as possible and provide you with a safe and reliable environment.

It’s a stable tool with a scalable architecture if you ever decide to go bigger.

Additional Features

It has some additional features that we should talk about. It also has an intuitive user interface, which has stayed from the days of its predecessor.

Fusion pools are also meant to speed up metadata transfers and make your connections faster and more stable.

The software also comes with data encryption, so you won’t compromise any of your data, and make sure that it stays safe and hidden if you wish to do that.

It will ensure data integrity and secure your data on a lower level. There’s also native VPN support for those who prefer to use a VPN for making these connections.


TrueNAS is a powerful NAS server that will help you stream and share content and keep it safe by encrypting it.

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