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With SuperPuTTY, you can run your Telnet, PuTTY, and SSH clients easily and in multiple tabs. It provides a graphical interface to control these applications and manage multiple sessions simultaneously.

It’s a comprehensive GUI that makes it easy for you to manage these protocols.

Make sure to have PuTTy installed, too, because it is necessary to specify its full path when configuring SuperPuTTY. Thanks to the tab-based interface, it will be pretty easy to set up your workspace and organize the PuTTY sessions.

PuTTY is the graphical interface or GUI that you can use to manage and create configurations with various settings, including SSH, SSH2, Telnet, Rlogin, Raw, Serial, Cygerm, Mintty, SCP, and others.

Using this tool will make it easy to organize as many sessions as you want.

Tabbed Interface

The main role of this application is to act as your tabbed interface for using PuTTY. It will offer you all of the advantages and features available with PuTTY and provide support for various connections and protocols that may be used with it.

These include SSH, Raw, Telnet, SCP, Rlogin, KiTTY, Serial, SSH2, etc. The best way to run this application is by ensuring you have the latest edition of the .NET Framework before installing it. It should be already installed – if not, you can install it during the installation of this app.

It will give you full control and access to all of the SuperPuTTY interface’s features.

Switch Protocols and More

You can also customize the performance and interface before you start working with it.

You can also set keyboard controls so that they suit your needs best. Other settings included are alarms, notifications, and more.

When ready to start, you can begin working with the protocols inside. You can easily switch between the protocols and manage them. You can import and export sessions to use them next time or use them for other means.

You can also link your machine to multiple computers if you need to and work with multiple sessions simultaneously.


SuperPuTTY provides a graphical interface that allows you to work with various PuTTY protocols.

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