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PotPlayer is both an audio and a video player that catches the eye through a nicely drawn interface, modernly delivering some basic features to the everyday user. A playlist generator will make sure you are always connected to the music you love. Additional equalizers and audio processing settings meet the requirements of your sound system. Obviously, a shuffle and repeat button are at your disposal even if one could say that all the controls are somehow too small and hard to reach for.

When it comes to video, we can notice a variety of filters to tweak about, a frame capture feature and a small indicator of FPS and CPU load.

PotPlayer features and benefits:
  • Powerful hardware acceleration
  • Amazing 3D viewing experience
  • Subtitles support for many formats
  • Plethora of codecs to choose from

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28.38 MB
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Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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