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Are you experiencing lag on your computer? You can then use PingPlotter to diagnose the problems with your latency and packet loss problems, which helps you improve your internet speed.

Having lag when you browse the web or play games can be annoying. It might happen because your internet connection is too slow or when the internet provider’s connection is not working as it should.

Often, though, it is the issue of packet loss, which usually happens when you don’t track your traffic and make sure it’s as optimal as it should be.

To diagnose and remove the problems with your latency and packet loss, you can use the application called PingPlotter.

The application comes as a standard application or the premium version, and both of them offer you a variety of tools to help you trace the route between you and the address you’re trying to connect to.

Clean Interface

Once you enter PingPlotter, you’ll be pleased to learn that it has a simple and sleek interface aimed at those who want to keep it easy.

Firstly, you can enter the address you want to trace, and you can start the tracing process or stop it at any point you wish.

You can then view the additional information that gets displayed after the analysis is done.

Trace Your Traffic

This simple tool’s main feature is to help you trace the traffic of the address you’re connecting to, giving you a better idea of where you might be losing your packets.

You can view the data about hops, percentage of lost packets, minimum, maximum, average, and current time to connect, IP address, DNS, and more.

What is more, you’ll also be able to use additional features, such as exporting the data you get in the PNG, GIF, or BMP formats. You can also copy the information you convey to the clipboard and use it later if you wish.


PingPlotter can be a great addition to your collection of apps if you want to maximize the potential of your internet connection.

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