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February 11th, 2021 - Free - 100% Safe
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Do you have a lot of junk on your computer? Then you can use a tool like PC Decrapifier, which will enable you to uninstall applications easily, get rid of the junk files on your computer, and create a system restore point.

Unwanted or unneeded files and programs can often plague computer drives. It might happen to everyone after using the computer, and it comes from downloading files from the internet and having too many files on your drive. It would be best if you clean up now and then.

To do that, you can use a tool like the PC Decrapifier. As its name suggests, it will enable you to get rid of the crap on your computer and uninstall the applications that you don’t need or use.

It also allows you to remove junk files, crap content and make sure your hard drive runs as it should.

Uninstall Apps

The primary mode of this application is that you’ll be able to uninstall programs easily. You could use the built-in uninstaller in Windows, but that one doesn’t often provide you with some important details and data about the programs you might have installed.

It also doesn’t show some programs at times, which can be annoying.

PC Decrapifier solves those problems for you. It will show you some of the apps that are not recognized by the official uninstaller inside Windows, such as Google Desktop, MusicMatch Jukebox, or others. That way, you’ll be able to delete them and get rid of them easily.

Portable and Easy to Use

It’s also worth mentioning that this app allows you to create restore points for recovery if needed. It enables you to make sure you’re always keeping your data safe if you decide to clean up your computer completely or if something happens to your files.

It’s portable and easy to use, making it great for any user.


PC Decrapifier is a useful app for everyone who wants to get rid of unwanted apps and files and create restore points on their computer easily.

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