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May 28th, 2020 - Free - 100% Safe
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There is a lot of software which notifies you when your drivers or applications have new updates. Usually, the latest updates are not the best solution, and you have to wait for fixing the bugs before install them. Patch My PC is an excellent solution for the people who want to have the computer updated with the latest releases but without having problems with the bugs. It is a useful tool that permits to check your computer quickly to see in all the software have available updates.

Working with this tool isn’t a hard job, the interface is user-friendly and has intuitive options. It is tabbed with a structure which makes it accessible for everyone. When you run the application, the computer is quickly scanned, and you will see a list with the software which needs to be updated, but you will see some applications which don’t need to have updates.

The applications which require updates are highlighted with a red, while the software applications which do not need updates are marked with green. After the scanning process, Patch My Pc select the apps that are ready to install new versions. Patch My PC can start the updating process automatically, but you can choose it manually.

An essential feature of this software is the possibility to make the entire list with updates with only one click. Of course, to keep the computer performances at a standard level, Patch My PC allows to create a restore point before starting the process, if some conflicts may appear with the updates.

Another advantage of using it is the possibility to enable or disable third-party software that automatically can run when your operating system is rebooting. This tool is an excellent solution because you don’t need to have a specific program running in the background.

Keep your computer updated, use Patch My PC because the library of updates used by this application is always improved. The producer is trying to keep up at a high level because you need to have the latest releases.

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