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Parkdale lets you scan and diagnose the internal and external storage devices’ structural and working conditions like HDDs, CD drives, and network drives. The software enables you to perform the scanning of the drive on a standalone basis.

You can also compare the structural and functional features of the multiple drives. So, you can get to the probable causes for the low performance of one disk while the other is working at an efficient rate.

Parkdale is compatible with the benchmark online page. The combo box gives you the list of all the available drives that are connected to the computer. It displays the reading and writing speeds. You can get to know the disk configuration like the volume, gross storage space, used space, and free space.

The key benefit of Parkdale is its capability to cover the RAM drives. It shows the utilization data, I/O speed, the hardware configurations, and the other functional features in real-time. It is possible to increase the RAM utilization ratio by increasing or decreasing the number of applications running.

The other feature of Parkdale is its ability to read through the drive’s tracks and sectors with precision and speed. If there are any bad sectors on the disk, it is easy to know as the system’s read and write speed reduced considerably. You can set the access mode to linear or random access. The option to seek the start and end block allows you to accurately measure the quality and speed parameters.

The graph display by Parkdale lets you analyze the variations in the read and write speeds of the drives consistently over a period. It allows you to know the tracks and sectors on the drive where the speed is high, medium, low, and lowest. You can then decide whether you need to defragment the disk, delete unnecessary files, fix bad sectors, or perform the operations to increase the disk efficiency.

Parkdale is easy to download and configure on your system. The auto-detection feature makes most of the configurations without any manual interventions.

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