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November 22nd, 2022 - Free - 100% Safe
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Ninja Pendisk can ensure protection against malware and virus attacks that can impact the USB. It helps detect and remove the threat creators, so you can get a clean flash drive if you use this application.

It is available in the tray of your toolbar and automatically starts when you attach a USB drive to your computer. With the default settings, it has been designed to scan and remove all the malicious content from the USB drive on its own, so you can be sure that your drive is problem free. However, you can also change the settings regarding the direct deletion of threats and viruses.

Apart from protecting the USB, it also protects your computer against viruses that can be transferred from the USB.  Usually, scanning the USB drive is fast, but the exact time depends on the amount of data stored in the USB drive.

Ninja Pendisk can protect your USB drive and computer against viruses and any malicious content that can harm your computer and the information stored in it.

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