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Do you want your iPod or iPad to be converted into a webcam? iVCam can help you in changing the camera of your phone to the webcam that can give you better quality pictures and videos.

iVCam can be set up quickly without requiring specific configuration steps, but both your devices, i.e., your computer and your mobile phone must have this application to get it to work.

The interface of the application is intuitive and straightforward to use. You can take the snapshots or record videos using your phone, which can be displayed on your computer. Additionally, changes in some of the settings including video orientation, the size of the frame and the size of the picture can be modified, allowing you to have better control over the photos.

By default, you can store all these videos in the video folder. However, you can have the liberty to choose the different path if you want to get your videos installed somewhere else.

iVCam can be a substitute for your web camera, can provide you eth better quality pictures, and with few setting modifications allowed as well.

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