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MyPhoneExplorer is a freeware tool used by people who want to explore their phones, and it works with Sony Ericsson and also Android mobile phones. It can connect with your phone through a USB cable, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. After you have connected your device to your phone, it is possible to do a lot of actions related to backup.

First of all, it is possible to sync your phone with desktop-based apps and also sync your calendar entries. You can sync contacts and notes with vCard, several devices to each other and also internal Sync-database.

MyPhoneExplorer is compatible with the latest release of Windows 10 and thanks to it, you can sync your new photos, and as you see, the sync process is faster. Setting your phone clock based on the atom time is also a thing which can be done with this tool.

Managing and editing status, profiles, SMS, handle calls, creating backups can also be done thanks to this tool. It smoothly works with a lot of devices that you have, and the only limitations are the phones which don`t have a PC-interface and the old Symbian based that require the PC-Suite installed first.

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