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September 22nd, 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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Connect your Samsung phone to your computer and manage files, videos, and music on your phone, download new updates, manage firmware updates, and do other functions with Samsung Kies.

Samsung phone users can connect their phones to their computers using this app.

This app will make it easy for you to connect your phone to your computer and add files to your phone, such as songs, videos, and other files. It’s also great for installing new apps and similar tasks.

Install New Apps and Firmware

One of the most important things for phone users is that they can install new firmware easily and quickly. And that’s where Samsung Kies comes into play. It enables users to manage the firmware updates through their computers.

It includes using a later version of the updates or installing a new one.

In addition, the Kies app also allows users to control the apps they have installed on their phones. You’ll be able to add new apps to your phone and delete the existing ones, which gives you more control over the process.

You can connect your phone to the computer using WiFi or USB connections.

Manage Apps, Files, Data, and More

With the ability to manage your apps, you’ll also get the ability to add or remove files from your phone easily. It includes files like songs and videos, where you can customize your phone completely.

Add or remove photos from your phone or sync them with your computer.

What is more, you’ll also be able to create backups for your files on your computer, which is a neat capability if you have several files you’re worried about and want to keep as safe as possible.

This app will make it possible for you to do so.


Samsung Kies is an essential app for every Samsung phone owner. It enables them to easily manage apps and files on their phone and add new ones to their phone.

Samsung Kies features and benefits:
  • Download free apps
  • Save your favorite apps in wishlist
  • Save your payment details securely
  • See all purchases and downloads history

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