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With SideSync, you can easily share the screen and the data from your Samsung device with your computer, as the app comes with a few simple tools and a helpful interface to help you do the work.

Sharing the screen on your computer straight from your mobile device can be easy if you have the right software.

One of the pieces of software that will help you achieve that is SideSync, a simple tool to help you share the screen of your Samsung device on your PC and share files between the two devices easily.

Manage and Transfer Files

You’ll need to connect the two in a way to establish the connection between your computer and your Samsung device. The best way to do that is via establishing the USB connection, which you’ll need to do with a USB cable.

The other type is to use a WiFi connection, which helps you establish a connection faster and easier.

Then, you’ll be able to start using the capabilities of this tool completely. You can start using the applications installed on your device normally and some other functions. You’ll also receive notifications on your computer if you receive phone calls or messages.

You can also manage everything using your mouse and keyboard.

Transfer Files and Install Apps

Samsung users will get an easy way to transfer files to their devices. It will be possible with just a few clicks that you can do to achieve what you’re looking for. Select the files you want to transfer, then commence the transfers you wish to make.

It should not take long, although it depends on the size of the files you’re transferring.

It also includes apps and files that will help you install apps. You can even reply to emails and texts on your phone using your computer via this application, making it a complete application to help you manage your phone.


SideSync is a helpful tool to help you share your Samsung device’s screen on your computer and transfer files to it.

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