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HotSwap! will enable you to remove devices from Device Manager while also ensuring that you aren’t risking the health of the data in these devices, coming with a console-based mode.

With this utility, you can remove devices from the Device Manager with a click. In essence, it will offer you the same capability as the Windows feature already built into the Windows systems.

However, this application is much more lightweight and easy to use, as you’ll be able to access it from the system tray and make changes in just a few clicks.

Lightweight and Easy to Use

It is very easy to use. With this application, you will remove devices from the Device Manager with a click. To do that, you must select the device you want to remove, right-click on it, and select “Eject”. This process is significantly faster and easier than the process you get in the Device Manager.

In addition, the application is very lightweight. It won’t consume a lot of space on your computer and will also not use a lot of your resources. When you aren’t using it, you can instruct it to wait in the system tray, and you can deploy it every time you need it.

It means you won’t have to open the Device Manager whenever you want to make changes.

Supports Multiple Device Types

Another big advantage of HotSwap! is that it will support a wide variety of device types. It will help you work with fixed disk drives, removable disk drives, DVD and CD drives, removable devices, and other types of devices that you might constantly be using.

The emphasis here is to create a versatile app that is easy to use and access while also being flexible to offer you the advantage of editing and customizing several drive types.


In short, HotSwap! is a very easy app to work with. It allows you to remove devices from the Device Manager with a click easily.

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