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October 4th, 2020 - Free - 100% Safe
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It is an application to help you plan your outdoor activities with others. You can even share your adventures with others by using this application. Garmin BaseCamp allows you to make the entire plan for your road trip, whether it is hiking, cycling, or driving.

You can find the terrain of a particular area and decide which transportation mode would be the best. Moreover, you’ll also be able to determine the best time for outdoor activity by viewing the terrains.

Through this app, you can also mark the maps’ waypoints and keep them with you while traveling. This application can even help you find the elevation changes in terrain to analyze the level of difficulty you would have to face in a particular condition.

The inbuilt navigator in the application will ensure that you’ll go through the marked waypoints. So, there is no chance that you would miss any aspect of beauty. Garmin BaseCamp also provides the facility of geotagging. You can share adventures with the others and get the satellite images as well.

Garmin BaseCamp is an application that can provide you with all the features for making your road trip exceptionally good.

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