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Fiddler is an easy-to-use HTTP debugging proxy utility that will help you debug and log all of the HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet, and it will also decrypt all of the HTTP sessions you have active.

When you want to ensure that your HTTP connections are secure and that there are no unwarranted connections, then the best thing you can do about this is to monitor your connections.

You can do this by logging, and that’s when Fiddler can come useful to you. It’s meant to debug and log all of your HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet.

Debugging HTTP Proxy Server

The application acts as a debugging proxy server that will constantly check your HTTP connections. It will add itself to WININET, which will allow it to start logging all of the connections that go on between your computer and the Internet.

When it does that, it will give you reports of all the HTTP connections you have active, giving you a better idea about them.

It is called Fiddler because it’s used to “fiddle” with the incoming and outgoing traffic from your computer.

It will work with almost any application that supports proxy use, which includes all the major internet browsers, as well as many other connections made from modern devices such as smartphones, especially iPhone and iPad.

Simple Interface

The great thing about this utility is that it comes with a user-friendly interface. Even though it might seem complex at first, you’ll soon realize that it’s simple to use. All of the features are neatly organized in the main window, where you can use and instruct the tool to start logging the HTTP traffic in just a few clicks.

If you leave the feature on, it will start populating reports. These reports will provide you with some statistics, such as response times, transmitted data, and other important data.

You may even use filters to make sure you see the right info.


Fiddler is a proxy debugging application that will help you manage and monitor your HTTP connections.

Fiddler features and benefits:
  • Capture all HTTP(s) traffic
  • Detailed session metrics
  • Filter captured traffic
  • Archive and playback recorded traffic

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Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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