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FFmpeg is an application based on the command line, allowing you to convert, stream, record video and sound, and control several aspects of the operation.

It is an advanced tool that comes as a command-line application. Its primary purposes are the ability to convert, stream, and record video and sound.

It should also be mentioned that this tool is complex because it is based on the command line and will primarily cater to advanced users.

Application is Still Growing

FFmpeg was first launched in 2000, bringing a neat set of features to its users. In the beginning, it was meant for more advanced users to have more control over managing video and audio files.

You should know that the app is based on the command-line system, making it slightly more complicated for beginners.

Before you can use all of the features of this tool, you’ll have to get used to the user interface and the command line associated with the app.

So you will have more control over your files.

Focuses on Functionality

If you’re looking for a tool with an elegant interface, then FFmpeg might not be the one for you.

However, if you want to use an application that offers some advanced features, and the ability to have full control over your video and audio files, then this app is for you.

It will convert video and audio files, stream them, and record video and sound. The main advantage of this tool is that once you get accustomed to the user interface and its command line, it will give you a lot of control over how you operate the application.


FFmpeg is a video conversion tool that also works for streaming video and audio files, giving you full control over the files with its command-line interface.

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