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Date added: March 25th, 2019 - (Free)
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Music is one of the greatest multi-media items that can enhance the overall capabilities of the file or a project. If you have WAV files, you can incorporate music into them using FamiTracker.

It has been for easy use, but you still can face some problems in managing the operations of Famitracker efficiently. However, it is not very complex, and you can gain expertise in using it within no time. The list of instruments and visual representation of notes in the windows make the entire process of music creation exciting and worth exploring.

Using this application, you can create your instrument sounds. By adjusting the pitch, volume and other characteristics of the music, you can create a customized version of every instrument. Making all these changing in the instrument characteristics is possible through the keyboard.

One of the drawbacks of FamiTracker is that the layout for each key of the keyboard is not available so you will have to use the trial and error method to reach the right note. It can frustrate you a bit but you good music come with effort.

FamiTracker can create sound effects of your choice from the instruments you like for your WAV files. Apart from the compelling features, lack of note indicator is one of the drawbacks that can prolong your work.

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