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May 28th, 2018 - Free - 100% Safe
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Indeed, you had at least once a problem with sending files more than 2GB directly from your desktop. DropSend Direct is a perfect and ideal solution for people who are looking to send files more than 2GB. This application will be installed on your PC, and you will create an account in few seconds because you need to have set up the information for sharing the files with your friends or mates.

Let’s think you have to send a video file to your friend, but it’s over the size limit accepted by your email host, what to do? Is simple, you have to open DropSend, select a preferred email address, you can explore from your address book because the software will be integrated into your operating system with Microsoft Outlook, another essential feature. You will select the email address, add the subject and text a message. Attach your video file in the right box and wait after the uploading it’s done, press send, and that’s all, your friend will receive the video link, and he can download it immediately.

It’s intuitive to upload content to your email, explore the folders, select the files you need and press upload button; the software will do the rest of the job for you.

About the interface we can’t talk more things, it’s a simple one without a lot of features and buttons, you have only to Upload the file at the beginning. After the transfer process is done, you should create the email. Few sections must be completed, an email receiver, subject, Message, and Files. You can add or deleted files even if you are at the second step. After you added all the information in each section, you will press send, and the process will start. When the message “File(s) successfully sent.” will appear on the screen, the email has been sent, and your partner already received it.

Also, you can create a link for downloads, without send email, upload the files and after that, you copy the link for downloading. You don’t need to have advanced computer skill to use this pretty simple and user-friendly application.

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