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July 3rd, 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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Defender Exclusion Tool is a rather simple tool that disables Defender from accidentally deleting information or files and folders you need.

Windows Defender can be an effective solution for protecting yourself against malware and viruses that you might find on the internet.

Many people use this service to protect their computers from potentially harmful files, but it doesn’t come without problems. Sometimes, it might delete files you need because it sees them as a threat.

You can stop that behavior from happening with a simple tool called Defender Exclusion Tool. Inside this tool, you’ll specify which Windows Defender should not delete files or folders, or pieces of information.

You can decide which files will not be scanned during the scanning process.

Define Files That Won’t Be Scanned

The main purpose of the Defender Exclusion Tool is to help you define which files you don’t want to be scanned inside Windows Defender.

It’s a seemingly simple task you’re looking to achieve, which is why the application has a rather simple look. You’ll need to add the files to the exclusion list.

When you open the tool, you’ll see a blank main window with all the tools neatly arranged above the main window. Inside the white space, you can define which files or folders should not be scanned by Windows Defender, helping you ensure they don’t get deleted.

You can do that by dragging and dropping the file into the app.

Simple Tool

In essence, this application is very simple to use. You can add exceptions to the list with just a couple of clicks and drags, and it’s also just as easy to remove them from the list if you want to do that.

It will keep your files safe from Windows Defender.


Keep your files safe and make sure they don’t get deleted by Windows Defender using the Defender Exclusion Tool, which is simple and highly effective.

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