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October 1st, 2020 - Free - 100% Safe
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When you’re handling your data and documents on the internet or your computer, there’s always a danger of data theft. Nowadays, encryption is an important topic that’s becoming hotter and hotter every year.

If you’re interested in a text editor that’s encrypted, then you will most likely be interested in Cypher Notepad.

Intuitive User Interface

To run Cypher Notepad you will need to have Java installed on your computer. Then, you can start to enjoy the intuitive and easy to use nature of this app. You don’t even need to have strong computer skills to put this application to use completely. You’ll still be able to encrypt your texts and keep your data secure.

With the notepad, you’ll have the ability to create new documents or edit existing ones. You’ll be able to see the exact path to the file and the date and time it was created if you’re looking to edit pre-existing files.

It’s Similar to Notepad

The whole interface and its design closely follow the design and the interface of the old-school Notepad. So if you’re familiar with Notepad already, then you will very likely know how to use this app. You can open TXT files from your PC, and then you can edit it and encrypt it when you need it.

Once you need to secure it, you can enable the encryption option.


Keep your personal data and projects safe with this fully encrypted text editor who will keep you safe as long as you keep your security key secret. Cypher Notepad is free to download and use.

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