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October 8th, 2018 - Free - 100% Safe
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Curse Client for Windows is a safe and secure application that allows you to communicate with your friends during the gameplay without any problems. The software is available also on all devices so that you can connect from your PC, phone or tablet in few seconds.

Because we’re living in a social media world, the chat isn’t a simple one. Even if it’s a gaming platform, the people who produced this software included a lot of features who permit you to express your emotions. You have to choose from a wide range of emotions; you can upvote your favorite message. It includes a like-system for your fun. If you friends told something exciting and you want to appreciate it, drop a like.

Curse Cient is coming with a perfect audio system and the best latency because in your gaming world to hear the others is essential. Even if you are playing LOL or WOW, the sound must be impeccable for perfect team communication. This software is created especially for gamers who want to be the best; they know how important is to communicate with mates. It is designed by gamers for gamers, from this point of view, you never regret it.

You can integrate so simple your favorite games, as I said, Curse is thought for a wide range of games. You can merely make in-game calls without leaving the game session, answer or start an audio-call, see who is calling you with unique voice indicators, without using the alt-tab command.

Another great feature of this fantastic software is Friend Sync. If you have social applications installed on your device, Curse can sync friends directly without asking you. Steam, Skype, or other social gaming platforms, your friends will be automatically added to your list in few moments.

Discover new friends, create new teams and have fun with people that you never meet before. This gaming world is fantastic, Curse is here to help you. Interact with people with the same passion, play together and build up new friendships. You’ll find communities already created; join and learn with the others.

Curse is recommended for all gamers of the world; even if you are a professional one or a newbie, it is very easy to use. Intuitive buttons and commands with a simple and beautiful interface that can be customized.

Streamer Tools are included in this app. You can create pools and giveaways for your friends. Also, you can analyze the results to improve the performance next time. Build your community and enhance it with these tools.

Manage your community and take care of your friends. You can be a leader who is followed by the people in gaming. Build teams, build guilds, manage and have fun. Build your social world with Curse, one of the complete social-gaming software which is available for free of charge.

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